Sheena Mitchell Personal Shopper, Receptionist and Semi Professional Singer 

‘Walking Massage/Stretching’ with David is both physically and mentally beneficial. Working in a sedentary job I suffered from backache, neck ache and headaches. I also had a tendency to slouch so my posture is not good. From my first session with David I noticed dramatic differences.

I didn’t realise how important stretching was to my all round well being, although I did know I needed to become ‘more toned’. Consequently the pain I had been experiencing is now negligible,  I’ve had no headaches, and feel an inch taller with an upright posture.  I now understand my body better. My range of movement has improved, muscles are stronger and I’m much more flexible.

Leaving the best until last; I used to be a shallow breather, which is unusual for a singer. I now breathe correctly from my diaphragm and I feel my oxygen intake has increased dramatically as I feel I now use my lung capacity to the maximum.