Group Class

These sessions are not as tailored as I cannot cater for individual needs however they are a great way to introduce yourself to resistance stretching in a friendly, welcoming and sociable environment.

I will lead and instruct you through a stretching routine which can sometimes be challenging but very rewarding.

This is not yoga, not pilates, or like any other stretching you have tried before. Moving Stretch resistance stretching is a unique natural movement based class with amazing benefits.

These sessions are open to everyone of all abilities regardless of age. I encourage everyone to work with their own body and to pay attention to themselves in order to get the best out of the group sessions.

I pride myself on making everyone in the class feel comfortable, often in the form of bad jokes!

I will pay close attention to your technique during the stretches to ensure you are doing them in a safe manner but you can also ‘be your own boss’ with regards to how much or little resistance you apply to avoid pushing yourself too hard. I am also available for group sessions to any companies looking to improve the health of their workers, any sports clubs wanting to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury, and anyone else who may be interested. Get in touch for more details