Resistance Stretching

Moving Stretch is a form of resistance stretching which is unique as we concentrate on the actual movement of the stretch while engaging the muscle. By resisting against the stretch we are not only engaging the muscle, we are also engaging the fascia. Fascia is the dense connective tissue that runs throughout our body making us the shape in which we are. Ideally the fibres in the fascia should be aligned but these fibres can become entwined resulting in adhesions which can be uncomfortable restricting our movement. When we stretch the fascia we are realigning these fibres, which is effectively spring cleaning the fascia to bring it back to its natural organic state. The fascia also stores past memories, emotions, injuries, and toxins which can be released by stretching, which enables to move forward rather than holding on to past traumas to bring us back in to balance. We also produce more collagen by stretching the fascia, means that this can be a natural, healthy way to detox our system.

All in all, this revolutionary stretching technique can result in improved posture leaving us feeling taller, more confident, enhance our mobility, provide more strength as well as flexibility, increase muscle performance, create freedom of movement and have anti-aging benefits. Studies also show that stretching releases mood boosting endorphins, so not only can a stretching session improve our posture and provide more freedom in how we need to move our bodies, we can also feel better with a noticeable improvement in mood as well.

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